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Effects of turmeric on heart palpitations

Do you know the relation between turmeric and heart palpitations? Many people have claimed that turmeric can cause heart palpitations? Is it true? If you also want to know the answer, this article will help you a lot. Today, we are going to discuss the relation between turmeric and heart palpitations?turmeric for heart palpitations

Heart palpitation is actually the too fast or hard heart-beating and skipping a beat and fluttering. You can feel these symptoms in your chest, neck, and throat. Most heart palpitations are caused by heart-related problems as well as anxiety and stress. Though heart palpitations do not imply any serious underlying condition and often go away on their own. In rare cases, heart palpitations can be a sign of a serious heart problem. Well, if you want to get rid of this annoying condition, there are some natural remedies that can give you relief. Is turmeric good or bad for heart palpitations? Let’s check out.

Turmeric and heart palpitations

Are you well aware of turmeric? If no, do not worry. First of all, we are going to giving a brief description of turmeric. Turmeric is widely used in Asian dishes especially in curry. This spice is highly beneficial and has been using since immemorial time for many medicinal issues. This spice is beneficial for your health. May studies show the link between turmeric and heart palpitations? turmericSo, is turmeric help or hype for heart palpitations? Can it really ward off heart diseases in a single dash? To get the answer, you need to check out every aspect related to turmeric and heart palpitations.

Turmeric is known as ‘holy powder’ in India and has been used for thousands of years to heal wounds, infections and other health problems. Some recent studies have found the active component in turmeric named as curcumin which has great anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteriantibacterialand anti-allergic properties. That’s quite a list of health benefits of turmeric.

Benefits of Turmeric for Heart Palpitations

Now, we are going to discuss the relation between turmeric and heart palpitations. Some studies have found that curcumin may prevent and reverse the cardiac hypertrophy, a condition in which your heart muscles being abnormally enlarged. Cardiac hypertrophy can cause high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Further, cardiac hypertrophy is a strong predictor of future cardiovascular diseases including heart attack, stroke and heart failure. In some clinicaltrials, it is found that curcumin can prevent these heart problem as well as an inexpensive treatment option.

Turmeric is highly beneficial for a healthy heart. It will reduce the risk of high blood pressure problem, high cholesterol level and also protect you from the damage done by free radicals. Turmeric is a well- tolerated herb but still, some people have allergic to it and experience some side effects. An adequate use of turmeric cannot cause side effects such as heart palpation but overuse and wrong way of using can give you such problems. Overuse of anything can give you adverse effects and the same thing happens with turmeric.

How To Take Turmeric for Heart Palpitation?

Cardiovascular maladiesWell, if you want to enjoy the benefits of turmeric, you can simply add this amazing herb in your cooking, dishes or take as a supplement form. You can add turmeric in a number of recipes including bread, bens, chicken, butter pickles and numerous vegetables combinations. If you are going to take turmeric as a supplement form, you can take 450mg of curcumin capsules 3 grams of turmeric root daily for better results.

Over dosage or more than recommended dosage of turmeric can cause side effects such as heart palpitations. If you are allergic to it, this is not a right herb for you. You should avoid this. Studies have found that curcumin even in large quantities only produces few side effects in humans. But still it is recommended to take turmeric in right and adequate amount to prevent the heart palpitation problem. Pregnant women and individuals with gallstone or bleeding disorders should consult their doctor before using turmeric.

Now, you might have understood the relation between turmeric and heart palpitations. Turmeric usually does not cause any kind of side effects like heart palpitations. This happen in very rare cases when people have allergic to it. So, you can easily use turmeric in your dishes to get its benefits. It will give you a number of health benefits. The only thing you need to remember is that use this amazing herb in an adequate and right way to prevent the unwanted side effects.

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