Jayamangal rasa- one treatment for all types of fever

feverFever, this is the common disease from which many of us are suffering or suffered. Here, I want to ask, what you prefer to use when it comes to curing fever. Many of you say medicines, after using medicines have you seen any change in your condition? I think I know your answer, no, right? Medicines are easy to find and this can give you instant relief also. This is the reason that you always prefer to use medicines, isn’t? Because of these two things you are taking your health for granted. Is this the way you want to live healthily? If yes, my friend you are on the wrong path.

Ayurvedic treatment is the correct and safe path to cure not only fever but also many other diseases. Ayurveda is the solution for all health-related problems. In Ayurvedic treatment, there is a remedy which can cure all types of fever easily and the name of that remedy is Jayamangal rasa. Jayamangal rasa for fever is the perfect cure.

Jayamangal Rasa for Fever

Jayamangal Rasa_In this article, you will see Jayamangal rasa- one treatment for all types of fever. Jayamangal rasa for fever is the perfect remedy which can cure all types of fever. Jayamangal rasa also has very good effects on other organs of the body such as heart, lungs, brain etc.

It provides strength to the body and alleviates weakness which is caused due to fever. Jayamangal rasa is Rasayana which comes in a tonic. It has antiperiodic properties. It is the remedy which can cure chronic fever, intermittent fever, and general debility.

This remedy is very good at balancing the vata, pitta, and Kapha. I think till now you have understood the benefits of using Jayamangal rasa for fever rather than medicines. Now, I would like to tell you about the ingredients which make this remedy so potent.


ingredients3It contains shuddha Parada, Shudhha Gandhaka, Tankana bhasma, Vanga bhasma, makshik bhasma, sainidhava, maricha, swarna bhasma, loha bhasma and rajata bhasma. Apart from these it also contains dhatura, nirgundi, dashmoola, kiratatikta. These all are the ingredients which make this remedy so potent and effective to cure fever.

There is one more thing which I want to tell you about and that is ayurvedic treatment. I know you people are aware of this astonishing treatment but still, I want to share some points which I am sure you don’t know.

Ayurvedic Treatments

ayurveda 4Ayurveda is a medical practice which is native to India. This is the treatment which can make use healthy and help us to live long without any disease. This is very sad that we all know about this fact but we do not want to accept this. I mean why, if we have a treatment like Ayurveda, why you still want to stick with the most harmful and expensive treatment- allopathic?

Use Ayurvedic remedies because this is the way through which you and your family can live healthy and long life. Ayurveda is between us more than about 2500 years. It has been proved that through this treatment you can cure any disease.  So, use Jayamangal rasa for fever and stay away from the side effects of the allopathic medicines.


dosage 4This is safe but still, you have to consume its safe doses so that you can only get positive results. The safe dose of this remedy is 125-250 in the morning and evening cumin seed and honey, before or after food. See, we are not doctors and we can’t recommend anyone to use this so, use this remedy after consulting with your healthcare provider.


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