Solve your health problems with the side-effects free medium – loha bhasma

healthy personWe all want to stay healthy and for that, we do all those things which can make us healthy. Sometimes, those attempts are useless.  But, now you can use an ayurvedic medicine- loha bhasma for to stay healthy. Yes, you can use this astounding medicine. Actually, this ayurvedic medicine contains many health benefits. Also, some properties of this medicine can not only cure health woes but, also prevent those. I know, you might say that if we have allopathic medicines and via that, if we get instant relief, why we all switch our medical methods, right?

This article is the answer of your question. Via this article, you will get to know that how you can solve your health problems with the side effects free medium- loha bhasma. Yes, loha bhasma is the name of the medicine on which we are going to talk today.

Loha Bhasma and Health

loha bhasma3Loha bhasma is a mineral based ayurvedic medicine which is also known as Lauha bhasma and lauh bhasma. Loha bhasma is calcined iron and is an inorganic preparation. This bhasma contains element iron microfine particles which are prepared by the process of calcined under high temperature.

Loha bhasma and health, there is very strong connection same as Ayurveda and life. See, our health is connected with Ayurveda because via ayurvedic medicines we can live better and healthy life. Yes, you can also use allopathic medicines but, allopathic medicines can cause side effects and side effects can make your condition worse rather than curing. So, let’s see how loha bhasma and health are connected.

Blood impurity

Hand writing Time to Detox concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.This is a disease of blood and the liver. Contamination of blood with toxins is blood impurity. We all know that liver is important part of the body. When it does not work properly it can create problems like indigestion, acidity and so on.


This is the condition which is known as ingestion or upset stomach. It is a condition which describes, discomfort and pain in the upper abdomen. This is not a disease in fact this is a group of symptoms which often including nausea, bloating and burping.


Tuberculosis (TB): Types, Symptoms, and RisksTuberculosis is a disease which is caused by bacteria-Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In this condition, the bacteria usually attack the lungs but they can also damage the other parts of your body. This is the condition which spreads through the air.


Piles are also called hemorrhoids and it defines as swollen veins of the anal canal. The inflammation may be internal. By making some changes you can cure and prevent this disease. But, if you are suffering from this condition, loha bhasma is the best remedy for you.

General debility

general debilityThis is the condition which describes as shortness of strength in the body. Symptoms and causes of this condition are varying. In some cases, it can become a big threat for you while in others; you can get back to normal with the help of some medicines.

Loha bhasma is an astringent action and can reduce fat easily. Loha bhasma is the best medicine to reduce central obesity and this is the reason that it can cure belly fat easily. In Ayurveda, this medicine is used to cure blood diseases, muscles, heart, liver diseases, spleen or abdomen pain.

ayurvedic-doshasLoha bhasma is a nourishing, sweet, sour and bitter in taste. It is cool in nature but hard to digest. Loha bhasma and health are connected and one of the great examples is it can balance the three doshas-vata, pitta and kapha. So, if you have any of the health issue which I have mentioned above, use loha bhasma and make yourself healthy.

This is an astounding medicine which can cure your condition easily. This is hard to digest so, you have to take care of its doses. Here are the doses of this medicine.



dosage4You should consume this medicine 15-125mg with honey twice in a day. If you consume loha bhasma under this amount, you will never get any kind of side effect.

So, use the astonishing loha bhasma and make yourself healthy or disease-free. See, like loha bhasma there are many ayurvedic medicines which can help you to deal with your health complications. So, try to use natural or ayurvedic medicines rather than allopathic medicines.


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